John’s experiment

john: I did at Staples on the big Xerox Color Copier (Not WorkCenter (sic) however). The result was not even remotely like Obama’s birth certificate

So you did it on a non WorkCentre Xerox and the relevance of this is exactly what? This is like the drunk looking for his keys under the street light because it was too dark to see where he had dropped them…

Update: See John’s file at Dr Conspiracy where he created a 13 Mb file created on a Xerox Color 550 multi-function copier/printer. He did not select the email scan option however.

Let’s hope John does better next time. But at least he is trying. Kudos to John. The image is 300 ppi single layer flatedecode


5 thoughts on “John’s experiment

  1. It only does JBIG2 for B&W (1-bit, not greyscale) images. So it’s probably not layering the way the WorkCentres and their close cousins do.

  2. Yes, workcentres employ JBIG2. JBIG2’s tiling—and Xerox’s failure to provide adequate cautions—lead to the Kriesel’s glyph-switching kerfuffle.

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