Papit removes video

Garrit Papit’s video showing how he was unable to get the Xerox WorkCentre to work has ‘mysteriously’ disappeared after being featured in the Phoenix New Times.



6 thoughts on “Papit removes video

  1. Dr Conspiracy reports

    There’s really not much there. However, I got a strange email from Papit (actually 3) this evening demanding a retraction of my saying that the video proved he was incompetent, when I already knew that the machine was broken. He seemed quite agitated.

    I can’t retract what I never said.

    So the Xerox scanner was known not the function and the video was meant to show this. Did they manage to find a working Xerox WorkCentre? Did they manage to repeat my Workflow? How many more weeks do they need to verify or debunk my findings?

  2. According to Butterdezillion, Papit is hot on the case:

    And Garrett Papit IS listening to the claims being made by NBC and is evaluating them, so you’re blowing smoke when you say the whole thing is being ignored. Zullo needs somebody like Papit to check it out because these are very technical claims and he can’t just take self-professed liars at their word.

  3. “self-professed liars”?

    Well, when you have all the facts on your side, you must be a liar… Remember how BZ’s mind appears to function.

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