Orly reporting on Arpaio and Hayes report

Interesting news. Sheriff Arpaio has not even read the Reed Hayes report? And Mike Zullo, private citizen, owns the report. A fascinating ‘criminal investigation’ this truly is…


Ms. Taitz,
This may be of interest to you. I was listening to Carl Gallups interview Sheriff Arpaio several weeks ago. Two things that came up. Mike Zullo has put a copyright on the Reed Hayes Report (affidavit). Zullo reportedly owns the rights and doesn’t have to release it to anyone. Secondly, the Sheriff, as of several weeks ago had not read the 40 page Hayes Report (affidavit). I believe that Zullo has had the Hayes’ affidavit for at least several months.
My suspicion is that the Zullo will put the Hayes report in a second book. Arpaio and Zullo will never file a criminal complaint in my opinion. Zullo at a Surprise Tea Party meeting said that Arpaio never promised to file a criminal complaint, only to investigate. In September of 2012, County Attorney Bill Montgomery informed me by email that he would not act on what he was presented. He wrote that speculation “is not sufficient evidence to present to a grand jury and actually have a reasonable likelihood of conviction.”

Brian Reilly is identified by Orly as a Teaparty leader


2 thoughts on “Orly reporting on Arpaio and Hayes report

  1. First minor point: we don’t know if Reed Hayes’s report is an affidavit or just a report as Lead Circle Jerker Zullo has never said. What may eventually prove interesting is if Mrs Screech Owl Esq. fires off a FOIA request to the Cold Case Clown Posse. Whatever the reply is, the food fight will intensify and the CCCP will have to be careful about letting information slip.

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