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Dr Conspiracy has another hilarious posting about the competence of the Cold Case Posse and points us to some of the traction the Xerox forgery workflow is getting.

Even John understands how damaging this is to the Cold Case Posse. And I am glad that I have managed to get the Cold Case Posse to finally take their work a bit more seriously than having some people stare at an Adobe Illustrator window.

Will they be able to recover from their failure to properly consider relevant work flows? Does it matter? Neither Congress nor law enforcement will take up their ‘evidence’ as it fails to amount to anything relevant. I have since long been amazed at the competence of the research by this “knitting club” and therefor was pleasantly surprised when I found the true culprit: A Xerox WorkCentre. Anyone familiar with MRC would have realized that this was a far better explanation than a forger but based on a typical argument from ignorance, the CCP insisted that since they could not recreate the document, it must have therefor been a ‘forger’. Such ‘god of the gaps’ arguments never impress me.

It is therefor encouraging that news outlets like the Phoenix New Times continues to expose the Cold Case Posse’s ‘investigations’…

Most people just laughed their rear-ends off and got on with their lives. Others, however, have spent a considerable amount of time proving that every allegation — every little detail brought up in the “investigation” — is complete bullshit.

Now, people have discovered the party responsible for creating all the “inconsistencies” in the birth certificate. Arpaio hasn’t authorized the arrest of the subject, but the responsible party is . . . a Xerox copier.

I even get a shout out

Turns out, some guy found out that a Xerox WorkCentre copier causes all of the, um, “forgery evidence.”

Perhaps it’s time for Arpaio to take some distance from his ‘posse’ 501(c)(3) non profit “knitting circle”

Clearly, Arpaio has assigned only the finest investigators to this case.



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  1. Well, John, you too realize how devastating the findings are to the CCP… Not even the CCP will be so foolish as to make more unfounded accusations…

    John commented on Dr C’s blog about the impact of these findings… And John has been the CCP’s main cheerleader for quite some time, in spite of there follies and lack of traction.

    I warned the CCP that they needed to address these allegations instead of ignoring them. These things have a way of festering. This is not good for CCP. I think their donations as well as support are going to be drying up very quickly. I can actually see some birther really starting to lose faith in the CCP after this came out. The CCP needs to address with other than “Its of no concern.”

    Just to recall something, after Obama released his long form birth certificate on April 27, 2011, it has been reported that donations and support for LtCol. Terry Lakin virtually dried up. To this day, it has never recovered.

    Unless the CCP does something soon, I suspect this will be the case with them.

  2. Yes, I do agree with that NBC. However, I have tremendous doubt about the Xerox findings. Still the CCP needs to come out and refute this junk or at least try to.

  3. Gallups does not sound very happy ROTFL… Poor Carl, he cannot even rebut the findings though but somehow considers those who have embarrassed the CCP as potential suspects… I kid you not…

    “Mike Zullo and I have addressed this…”

    Where are the affidavits…


    Poor Gallups, we are far more effective than they are willing to admit.

    Oh my goodness, it is of no concern…

    Some of the information they are exposing and they don’t not even know it….

    Zullo has said: Look if you have information that completely derails the investigation then put it affidavit form…


    “It’s easy to see where the sham is… Specific persons of interest, who have made themselves front and center…”

    Poor souls…

    Why does the CCP not spend its time debunking the findings but rather feels the need identify people of ‘interest’ who have informed them of being wrong? The veracity of the findings does not depend on affidavits, sworn statements, or forensic experts, it all comes down to a simple question: Are my findings wrong or not?

    If anyone can show me where I am wrong, I will do what any scientist would do, confirm their findings, address their findings and if necessary change my hypothesis. But so far, noone has stepped up to the plate here.

  4. However, I have tremendous doubt about the Xerox findings.

    Yes, I understand your reluctance to accept findings that totally undermine your worldview.

  5. There is no machine in the world that can replicate the anomalies…


    But that does not derail the investigation…


  6. Well, no Obots have yet to produce any PDFs. RC produced some but they are lousy. Even Superman Frank Arudini can’t seem to produce a PDF.

  7. And yet, John realizes that our findings are devastating if not properly rebutted. His arguments are that the pdf’s are not up to his standard. But remember what I had to show to rebut the CCP’s finding?…

    None of these artifacts could have been produced by a workflow…

    I have identified close to a dozen artifacts which all point to a Xerox workflow. And they even invited people to submit such workflows and were proud to claim that noone had done so. And now finally steps up to the plate and they are the ‘bad guy’… Hilarious.

  8. If “it is of no concern,” why is the Posse embarking on “a whole new line of investigation?” In truth, it sounds to me as if Carl has largely conceded that the Xerox workflow explains exactly what NBC has demonstrated. The recent move of the goalposts to demanding “affidavits” is also fascinating, given Zullo’s statement last May that “I have put it out there numerous times: if you can show me how a one-button scan push can do this to a document, please come in; I’d love to sit here and have you show me. Nobody ever steps up to that plate.”

    NBC stepped up to the plate, addressed the ball and cracked a hard line drive to shortstop.

    Gallups and Zullo are proving unable to field the ball.

  9. That was I, or at least I mentioned it to another Fogbower. Will update my site with this one as well.

  10. Does Zullo even understand that the (great) work of NBC on the Xerox workflow which he published in this blog is automatically copyrighted? And considering what we know of the NSA the Library of Congress probably already has “two copies” of it.

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