Mike Zullo Then

From a May 17, 2013 interview Zullo did with The Post & Email (Reposted at PPSIMMONS):

THE POST & EMAIL: I imagine you know who the major Obot players have been and the kind of trouble they have caused.
DET. ZULLO: I am. I really don’t pay attention to them; it’s just recently that it’s being brought to my attention more than ever. To me, the Obots are completely irrelevant to everything we are doing. Not one of them has the credentials; not one of them has any verifiable evidence. I have put it out there numerous times: if you can show me how a one-button scan push can do this to a document, please come in; I’d love to sit here and have you show me. Nobody ever steps up to that plate.
Source: Sharon Rondeau, the Post & Email (Under Fair Use exemption)
That was Mike Zullo “then”. What is Mike Zullo going to do “now”?

One thought on “Mike Zullo Then

  1. Hard to imagine a serious investigators discussing “Obots”. Just once, I’d like to hear Arpaio use the word on tape. Hearing him say “Shee-yow uzzz the mi-kruh-femm!” still cracks me up! 😀

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