Epecticus – Evaluating the CCP’s position of ‘no concern’

At the Fogbow, Epecticus has provided us with a nice overview that may also be relevant to Mark Gillar’s efforts to save the investigation:

Just for fun. I went back and reviewed the first MCCCP Press Conference from March 1, 2012… listening specifically for the “evidence” Zullo and Gillar cited for the purposes of declaring the document a fraud. There were exactly five:

[NBC: Great idea, it’s time to review the CCP’s position during this press conference.]

1. The layers did not look like or exist in the large number they did on their “control document.”

2. The date stamp and registrar’s stamp could be moved about the document in one piece each.

3. The unequal distribution of “noise” across the document. (Here, they actually meant the difference in resolution between the background JPEG and the monochrome bitmasks. But being to incompetent to understand what was happening there, they just called it “noise.” This was, by the way, originally a Zebest mistake.)

4. The white halos.

5. The fact that the green background was all on a single layer rather than broken up across many different layers.

More specifically, Gillar says in the 5th “Conclusion” video that “Please note that the issue we are most concerned with is that of the date stamp and the Registrar’s stamp which appear to have been imported from unknown outside sources. For if the date stamp and the Registrar’s stamp which are placed on the document to give it authenticity are fraudulent then the entire document is fraudulent.”

[NBC: Gillar probably will have to drop this finding… Well Mark…]

It goes without saying at this point that each and every one of those concerns has been dispatched by NBC’s Xerox/Preview workflow. Now… this is where it get’s good.

Early on in the presser, Zullo says, “Going forward, our methodology was to look at this document and to validate this document. In other words, all we wanted to do was look at this information, reproduce what was in this document, and then move on. If we could reproduce it, there truly is no issue.”

Only through their own incompetence as investigators were they unable to reproduce it.

There truly is no issue.

[NBC: Our findings our of no concern to them… Yeah right…]


3 thoughts on “Epecticus – Evaluating the CCP’s position of ‘no concern’

  1. The other day, I thought of putting together a CCCP-themed parody of the HTC EVO v. iPhone4 “I don’t care” video … crazypants intro dialogue lifted from one of the press conferences, countered by a straight man highlighting points from NBC’s “scorecard”, to which the CCCP characters responds, point-by-point, “It is of no concern”, and ultimately breaking down into utter lunacy.

    A great idea, I thought … until I discovered that Xtranormal, the service that powered the original video, went offline on 7/31. Argh!

    There are others, such as GoAnimate .. but it’s just not the same. Got to have those dead, monotone vocoders!

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    Latin speakers, like the Greeks before them, saw an absence of accented syllables as refined and civilized, and varied stresses (iambs, trochees, dactyls, anapests and so on) as being coarse and barbaric. In fact, the word barbarian is thought by some as having referred to the “mumblers” or “stammerers” whose speech they lampooned as “ba-BA ba-BA ba-BA.”

    So if you say E-Pec-Ti-Tus, as evenly stressed as possible, it will be both easier and more historically accurate. [/language weenie]

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