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At the Freerepublic, 4Zoltan has asked a great question about the Cold Case Posse’s strong reliance on the PDF artifacts and its impact on the CCP’s efforts to have our President investigated. It was in 2012, when they asserted that if the PDF had checked out, there would not have been a case… Now we know that their failures to properly investigate, has caused the investigation to derail. Now that they are ‘back on track’, will they admit to their mistakes?

Seizethecarp: “Zullo, Gillar and Gallups have all explicitly stated that NBC’s claims to date are NOT 100% EXCULPATORY.”

4Zoltan: Zullo, Gillar and Gallups also explicitly stated that the digital artifacts on the PDF could not be caused by simply scanning a document into a computer. If their experts were wrong about that, what else were they wrong about?

NBC:  Of course, they are not 100 exculpatory, but remember, the CCP has to make a legal case and their case has gotten quite a bit weaker now that their ‘best evidence’ has been shown to be flawed.


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  1. Over at the Freep thread they have given up talking about NBC’s research and switched to something they all agree – bashing gays. I suppose the news on the original topic was too depressing for the likes of CCP Supporter.

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