Seizethecarp: Unlike Barry who has no excuse for pervasive lack of transparency, this being a criminal investigation the CCP has every reason NOT to be transparent with Obots or eligibility activists (”birthers”).

When Zullo and the CCP say “trust us” I find them to be worthy of my trust until proven otherwise, unlike Barry and the Fogblowers who lie all day every day to protect continuing lack of transparency regarding Barry’s identity documents.

I understand that you are willing to believe Zullo and Gallups, however there is just no evidence of an ongoing criminal investigation. Remember how the Affidavit submitted in Alabama was by Mike Zullo as a person, not in any way representing the Sheriff’s office or even the Cold Case Posse non-profit organization.

They have all the reason to ignore the findings while they are trying to engage Congress, with limited success so far, and the Hayes report, in so far as it addresses the PDF generation will have to be rewritten as well.

Perhaps the CCP has found more credible information but so far there exists nothing that would even rise to a ‘criminal complaint’ being filed.

Ask yourself, what law enforcement agency would work with talk show hosts and disclose to them inside information?… Why not file a real criminal complaint. But they know that this will fail as they have nothing that would even get close to a criminal indictment. So they are trying to get Congress involved. Personally, I would love to see Congress get some egg on their face… However, what criminal investigation ignores real leads unless they are somehow submitted with an affidavit…

What information, released so far, by the CCP do you believe rises to the challenge? There is just nothing but speculation, and where they claim to be 100% certain, they appear to have been a 100% wrong.

Are you sure that they deserve their trust? Even if their 100% accurate findings of forgery of the PDF have now been reduced to close to zero?

JusticeSeeker31: The important point by Zullo is that that NBC and his fellow Obama defenders haven’t come close to exculpating the fraudsters who did the purported Obama LFBC displayed in 2011 over the White House web site, even if their allegations about the Xerox 7655’s capabilities are valid. They are engaged in a disinformation campaign, attempting to push back against the incriminating CCP findings as word of the CCP findings spreads to Capitol Hill.

We have shown how the claims of 100% reliable evidence that the PDF was forged were ill informed. I am not sure what is disinformation when you spread the facts?

If you are interested in justice, should you not be interested in the facts rather than poor speculations that just happen to support your political fear of our President?

From my personal perspective, I would invited Congress to start an investigation, a very public one… Of course, the outcome may very well be a bit embarrassing… But that’s good, we want to know what our congress stands for, do we not?

But honestly, there is no traction with Congress, just continued hype over nothing. Remember how they failed to file criminal charges? So they hope to get Congress involved… That would be hilarious and likely end up giving our President a majority in both chambers.

I cannot cure you from your belief that this is an ongoing ‘criminal investigation’ or that they are getting closer to Congress starting an investigation. Time will show you, I am just helping you understand why such an investigation will be doomed from the start in a very public manner.


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  1. Seizethecarp has posted a strange response

    Unfortunately, NBC in his more recent blog posts has gone away from scientific analysis and is engaging in ad hominem denigration of Zullo because of faults NBC believes that Italian men tend to share…including NBC himself, apparently, by his own admission. I thought NBC’s accent sounded a bit like my Italian brother-in-law. Not worthy of a link, but NBC claims that Zullo can’t admit that he is wrong about the Xerox because of this Italian character defect or some such nonsense.

    Funny how some people can read things into what I thought to be clear sentences. Can Zullo admit that he is wrong? I have no way to tell, but he does not seem to be too interested in our findings. That’s too bad…

  2. Now NBC has embarked on hectoring FReepers with taunts that there is “no evidence” that Zullo and CCP are actually engaged in a criminal investigation.

    They tried, and nothing happened as the DA realized that there was nothing

    A devotee of the scientific method, such as NBC, should remember that “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

    The scientific method is based on the best explanation given the evidence. Lacking any evidence that they are interested in a criminal investigation, and the facts that they have moved to Congress, all support my thesis. The future shall show..

    The fact that the CCP has not yet filed or made public the filing of a criminal complaint does not mean that one was not filed or that the evidence is not there to justify a criminal filing or congressional investigation into Barry’s eligibility.

    And yet they claimed they had 100% “proof” etc etc and still never filed a criminal complaint. They have the Reed Hayes report but nothing yet. They are trying to get congress involved, which to me is clear evidence that they are hoping to find some friendly Republican who is willing to engage in a fishing expedition.

    Look at how they have responded to our latest findings, calling it of no consequence. That is not what one would expect from a criminal investigation and nor would one expect them to share the information with likeminded souls like Gallups.

    Perhaps I am too cynical…

  3. Hmmm… that post on Italian men was mine, not NBC’s. And as an Italian man myself, iw might even qualify as an expert witness.


  4. Two things struck me about the most recent Zullo/Gallups show:
    1) the statements about “it being of no concern” appears to be their version of “whistling past the graveyard”.
    2) Gallups statement that no matter what happens with Congress or the investigation, birthers can feel vindicated, is his version of “Let’s declare victory and leave”.

  5. Real law enforcement officers explore exculpatory evidence as well, because the prosecutor has an ethical duty to the court as a member of the bar to disclose exculpatory evidence to defense counsel and the court (referred to as the Brady Rule, named for Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963)) . In fact, courts have held that the prosecutor has an ethical to SEEK exculpatory evidence. No reasonable assessment of the merits of bringing charges can be performed by the Maricopa County Attorney or any other prosecutor unless all issues concerning the quality of the evidence — both incriminatory and exculpatory — have been explored and addressed fully.

    The unwillingness of the CCP to consider this evidence (“it is of no concern”) is further proof that this is not a legitimate investigation, but rather, a vanity project of a used car salesman and his blog radio sidekick..

  6. Seizethecarp Is really delusional now.

    “Does this mean the CCP accepts NBCs results?

    “According to the CCP what are the anomalies caused by the scanner versus those caused by forgery?

    “Does the CCP concede that their experts were wrong about MRC bwing a source for the digital anomalies?”

    Zullo, Gillar and Gallups have all explicitly stated that NBC’s claims to date are NOT 100% EXCULPATORY. Partially exculpatory is NOT fully exculpatory (take note Fogblower Butterfly Bilderberg, Esq) as explained clearly by Gillar.

    The CCP team are NOT going to reveal which subset of anomalies out of their universe of evidence and identified LFBC anomalies (MRC, typographic or other) have been explained/replicated by NBC.

    Nor are they going to reveal what additional evidence CCP has to support an alternate birth location and birth narrative quite apart from the LFBC. CCP is intimating strongly that this additional as yet unreleased evidence provides conclusive proof of LFBC forgery.

    Given recent revelation of Barry’s abuse of the IRS to attack the Tea Party and abuse of the FBI to spy on journalists and the ability of NSA to spy on any of Barry’s enemies at will combined with some horrific suspicious deaths, Zullo and CCP appear to have gotten the message in the past few weeks that they need to stop blabbing about who they are trying to enlist to support a congressional investigation.

    Barry’s minions have $$ millions of dollars and vicious operatives who can find out who is talking to CCP and try to crush them preemptively.

    All the PDF evidence is gone. It is on the floor in shreds. Gillar knows that. That all know that. So what is left that hasn’t been hashed around a hundred times for over two years? “African”? It was never anything but they completely blew that one when they faked the race codes. Typography arguments? There is a reason Zullo has never used Irey’s analysis. They’ve all been debunked many times. Date stamps at the same angles on two birth certificates? Are they really going to try that one? My favorite one is John’s new scandal that Dr. Sinclair checked the box and didn’t sign MD after his name. I would love to see them try that one with a straight face. Alternate birth location? Sure, pull out the Lucas Smith POSFKBC. Be my guest. Congressional investigations? They are a pipe dream.

    So we have millions to go after the CCP and anyone who might help them? Where’s my check? I suppose telling the truth and a little (hopefully entertaining) satire is “vicious”. The truth is always viscous to a liar.

    The gullibility of these folks is unlimited.

  7. Why would people go after the CCP?… The embarrassment they could cause to the Republican Party is reason enough to sit back and let them dabble onwards.

    The CCP has lost the foundation to their claims and I doubt they have anything relevant left.

  8. The gullibility of these folks is unlimited.

    Poor Seizethecarp used to show some interest in the facts but he too must have gotten shocked by the impact of our findings on the CCP’s case.

    Making so many excuses for the CCP, rather than asking them to explain their failures…

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