Hawaiian Birth Certificates

I have been collecting Hawaiian birth certificates, so that we can check similarities and differences. If anyone has additional resources, please add them as a comment and I will update the posting.

1959hawaiibirthcertificateWND, Kaiolani, 1959

Hawaiian-birth-certificate-1963Alan, 1963, US Army Triplerboothbc2Booth, Kapiolani, 1949edith_frontEdith Costa, 1962, Wahiawaimg_0035-smallSig Weidelich, 1961090811authenticbcoriginal3Ah’nee Kapiolani, 1961Gretchen_nordykeGretchen Nordyke, Kapiolani, 1961susan_nordykeSusan Nordyke, Kapiolani, 1961




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  1. NBC

    Some people collect stamps — And then other people collect OBAMA LFCOLBs and then turn them into stamps.

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