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Bluecat Another non-technical red flag is the Nordyke-like shadowed left bend. That should not be there. Its in the Nordykes certified copies. But for good reason – their COPIES were made in 1965! Well before the originals were scanned into a digital (likely optical WORM) library. Images stored in the digital library are SCANNED FLAT.

Good points but there is only one major flaw, this was not the workflow used by the DOH of HI.

Source: The first is that the original so-called “long form” birth certificate — described by Hawaiian officials as a “record of live birth” — absolutely exists, located in a bound volume in a file cabinet on the first floor of the state Department of Health. Fukimo said she has personally inspected it — twice. The first time was in late October 2008, during the closing days of the presidential campaign, when the communications director for the state’s then Republican governor, Linda Lingle (who appointed Fukino) asked if she could make a public statement in response to claims then circulating on the Internet that Obama was actually born in Kenya.

Bluecat Except for a very slight bend the images printed on security paper are flat in their appearance. That Nordyke-like left bend is a phenomena of a copy being made while the document is still in a bound volume. To scan them – they unbind them and scan them flat. There has yet to be another example of a LFBC image printed on security paper with a transparent background that looks like Obama’s LFBC. In this regard is truly a only-one-on-this-earth ‘document’.

You presume that they unbound them…

Source: “After the 2008 elections, the Department of Health received a significant number of requests for a copy of President Obama’s original birth registration by individuals who believe that the president is not a U.S. citizen,” Fukino explained. “To assure the safety of the record, the bound volume was removed from the file vault and placed into a fireproof safe with limited access.”

Source: She explained that the official Obama birth record absolutely exists – in a bound volume in a file cabinet on the first floor of the state Department of Health. When she released her first statements on the issue she carefully explained that the record was with the state in accordance with state law, but did not explain what that would mean.

Source: Obama’s original certificate of live birth is bound with one ledger containing 499 other certificates of people born in Hawaii in 1961, according to Fukino. There are 500 sheets per book, and 35 volumes of 1961 birth records. The last series of digits in the registration number found on Hawaiian long form and current computerized-format birth certificates indicate which number volume the original document can be found inside the health department first-floor vault.

According to Fukino, all books bound in the 1960s, including the one containing Obama’s birth certificate, have a bright orange elasticized canvas cover and the year of the birth designated on its spine.


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  1. The Virginia Sunahara death certificate also shows the shadow of the page bend at eh volume spine.

  2. The thing about the BC is that the left margin is not the spine of the bound volume. The page continues to the left of the boxes. I think of it as them folding the page at the part they wanted to copy which may be the middle of the page.

  3. If you remove the parts that are not visible in the nordyke certificate, Obama’s certificate loses much of the bending artifact and when seen in B&W it further reduces in effect.

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