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SeizetheCarp Zullo’s pdf expert, Garrett Papit (who collaborated with Mara Zebest), is now collaborating with Obot blogger “NBC” to the extent of helping him to try to get to the bottom of the mysterious halos on the WH LFBC pdf!

Let me assure you that there is no collaboration between me and Papit. All I did was look at a document Papit had sent to Dr Conspiracy which appeared to be the WH LFBC without halos. The document is quite useless since the background lacks the contrast of the original.

Of course, I do encourage his contributions once he gets the green light to share with us his findings.

I found a Youtube video made by ‘Papit’ where someone can be observed trying to get a Xerox WorkCentre 7655 to scan via email, but failing, probably due to a bad networking setup. This was almost a month ago. It appears that they are still taking their time sharing their findings. I wonder what is taking them so long.

Looking forward to hearing more. At the moment Papit appears to be under a ‘gag’ order of some kind… I kid you not…

Papit: Unfortunately I’m not at liberty to discuss it at this point. But sit tight. It will be covered in due time. … Once I am allowed to discuss it I will be more than happy to address your points.

In his report he mentioned that he had done over 1200 tests, but the real question is: What was tested? Software, hardware? And is this the first time they are looking at the Xerox Workcentre and breaking poor John’s heart?


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