Papit Document First Attempt

The copy I printed out is very dull looking and the basketweave is blurred. I acanned it in using two settings, as the video shows Archival as the preset.


  • 1 jpeg
  • 3 monochrome bitmaps
    • Mostly text
    • Aug 8 196 stamp
    • Separator line


  • 1 jpeg
  • 1 pbm monochrome bitmap

The halos are hard to distinguish as the green is more of a grayish and even the x-ray effect is much diminished. The halo is more of the same color as the background and the ‘holes’ look more like the background as well. Since the document is somewhat awkwardly sized, the scanner is having problems recognizing its dimensions.


14 thoughts on “Papit Document First Attempt

  1. An enormous one as it is not really well scaled and prints out with borders already… I need to see if I can make the document behave better

  2. You may have to play with the color to make the basket-weave a brighter green. It’s quite yellow.

  3. It’s just one big messy document. But so far the halos are not as bright as the ones found on the Obama LFBC

  4. Did Papit not say why he was sending the document? It’s quite a poor quality document color wise

  5. Not enough contrast in the basket-weave.

    My thoughts exactly. May have to do the forging myself… What a pain…

  6. Doc C speculates that this might have been a CCP “test document”. Papit at best misrepresented to Doc what this document was supposed to be. The more we find out the more I understand why the CCP and their helpers like Papit and Gillar have gone into full lock-down mode.

  7. Since it doesn’t look like the Papit document will work, here’s a suggestion for making a test document. Take the Applewhite jpeg (the high-res with the blue background). In Photosop, shift the color curve so that the light blue background becomes pure white:

    Change the white to transparent.

    Get a basket-weave pattern and tile it in the background. I recommend doing this in a separate file so you can play with scale. Make sure the basket-weave pattern is scaled appropriately for the Applewhite jpeg – my thinking is that we are more interested in minimizing artifacts to the foreground than the background, so try to avoid scaling the Applewhite jpeg. Doc Conspiracy has a good basketweave tile on his website:

    A background of 2700×3494 pixels will get you a background large enough to fit the Applewhite image without rescaling, and will print at 8.5×11 with a resolution of just over 317 ppi. By my calcs, the Applewhite photo is the equivalent of 400 ppi, so if you make the background 3400×4400, you’ll end up with a 8.5×11 printout where the BC image is about the same size as the original. Not exact, off by about 5%, but quite close.

    Once you’ve placed the modified Applewhite jpeg on the tiled basketweave background, take it to Kinkos and get it printed at high quality. That should get you a high res color test document.

  8. Yeah, I had started on this but got distracted. I even used Dr C’s basketweave jpeg… At that time I had a problem with getting a high quality print out as, for some reason, my printer moved the color curve far towards blue…
    Replacing the ink cartridges ‘miraculously’ resolved this, once I realized it was low on yellow. Duh…

    Will see what I can do. At the moment I am finalizing my Workflow Successes and document objections and answers raised.

    But I also have been reducing the amount of free time I will spend on this…

  9. Ah, that explains the “blue” 7655 pdfs you’ve been generating.

    I was wondering why noone was asking about this 🙂

    Which is also why I have been time and effort getting the early experiments recreated with a more appropriate document.

  10. My print-scan attempt (back when Hermie’s big deal was Doc 35) came out with a similar shade, so I didn’t think anything of it.

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