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On the Free Republic I found the following reasonable review of my interview with Reality Check.

SeizetheCarp I listened to Fogblower Reality Check’s 2-hour blog radio program featuring guest blogger, NBC.

SeizetheCarp NBC says he has NO credentials in document investigation or forensics, but says he is an accomplished scientist who is dedicated to and deeply respectful of the scientific method. This appears to me to be the case.

Yep. And I would not call myself accomplished, but rather someone trained as a scientist.

SeizetheCarp NBC refused to join in on in any ad hominem birther-bashing with the other three panel members and said that prior to his investigation he thought it was perfectly respectable to speculate whether the WH LFBC pdf had been forged (I thought the other Fogblowers were going to throw him off the program when NBC said this, but they bit their tongues).

There was only one person doing the interview and 2 or three people called in. The anomalies found in the document required an explanation and although I believe that from early onwards, despite the OCR sidetrack, people had provided good explanations, it was not until recently that we have been able to find support for these positions. Of course, the birthers have never provided a credible hypothesis to explain all the features found.

SeizetheCarp NBC also said that if Zullo’s team could prove scientifically that the image was forged upstream from being copied or in Reed Hayes so-far hidden report, he was perfectly willing to accept that! (More heart-burn for the other Fogblowers!)

Actually RC was also quite willing to accept this, as I was only focused on the PDF artifacts. Although I also believe that Zullo has done little to present a case of forgery before it was scanned. But if they can show that it was forged, then more power to them. However, so far, nothing they have shown has amounted to much beyond speculation. An open mind should not be confused with me accepting their speculative claims. Too many problems have already been identified here. As to Reed Hayes, I doubt we will ever get to see the report anytime soon.

SeizetheCarp NBC says he only became interested in the LFBC pdf about three months ago because a German named Gunther, IIRC, got him interested in it. He has worked on it as an enjoyable intellectual challenge and not for any need to refute Zullo’s team.

I have been interested in the PDF for quite some time but found it to be an irrelevant issue. gsgs got me involved in looking at some interesting features so I decided to document all the information I could possibly extract. Then serendipity led me to find a Xerox document that appeared to match.

SeizetheCarp NBC welcomed getting “good questions” from several FReepers on this thread and was happy to answer them and seemed willing to continue to do so if they were sincere.

Yep, thanks for a fair review, other than calling me middle aged…


2 thoughts on “Seizethecarp – NBC on RC Radio

  1. First thanks NBC for a very interesting evening on RC Radio. Nothing NBC said caused me to have any heartburn nor was I for a minute ready to “throw him off the program”. Seize the Carp obviously doesn’t understand nuance and understatement. NBC said several very important things last night. He is interested in chasing the work flow not to show up the CCP or Mike Zullo. He dismisses Mike Zullo because it was obvious within a minute of the first news conference that the CCP investigation had nothing to do with fact finding or the scientific method. NBC had the intellectual curiosity to explore the so called anomalies of the PDF. However, I don’t think for a minute he forgot the big picture that Hawaii issued a validated not one but two birth certificates for Barack Obama and not one piece of real, admissible contrary evidence has been introduced by anyone. The CCP/Birther/Zullo “case” is nothing but speculation, opinion, misunderstanding, and outright lies. Second he said that we can all have opinions but science is science. Unless you deal in theories that are formulated based on observation and logic you are wasting time or have dishonest motives.

    I see nothing wrong with NBC taking time to address any questions that folks like Butterdizillion or Hermitian that he considers interesting. IMO they are consumed by confirmation bias and hatred of the President to an unhealthy point. I think some of this exchange with Hermitian has been a waste of time but if NBC wants to engage and continue the dialog it is his blog.

  2. Another fine point: We don’t engage in “ad hominem” attacks. An ad hominem attack in logical argument would be: “Birthers are wrong because they are dishonest, stubborn morons.” That is not why they are wrong. They are wrong because they are wrong. And good for NBC in showing precisely how they are wrong in each separate claim that a certain anomaly in BHO’s BC .pdf image suggests a forgery.

    The fact that (with very few exceptions) Birthers are dishonest, stubborn morons is incidental. It neither adds to nor detracts from their inherent factual wrongness.

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