Seizethecarp/ GeorgeWashingtonsGhost – Images and images

Seizethecarp: Obots claim that the AP/Applewhite scan has much higher resolution than the green WH pdf, despite having a less distict light blue “security paper” pattern instead of a clearer green pattern and lower resolution in the WH pdf.

Not ‘much higher’, in some ways the document resolution itself is not sufficient to determine the quality as jpeg’s are also ‘compressed’ and this ‘quality factor’ can reduce the value of the resolution. The AP image is 200DPI (dots per inch) versus 150/300DPI (background/foreground) for the White House LFBC PDF. The AP image looks ‘cleaner’ as the JPEG smooths the text, giving it a cleaner appearance.

Seizethecarp: If true, this leads to the conclusion that the green WH pdf is NOT the original forged image that predated any other copy, but is, instead, downstream from a hard copy, possible the same hard copy that was scanned to make the AP scan. Note that the higher resolution AP/Applewhite scan has the bleed-through of the COLB (per Obots).

You are right of course, the green WH PDF is not the original image, as this document was created from a scan of a document that was itself copied from the original long form birth certificate in Hawaii. Which is why it is so funny to see ‘experts’ try to claim that the PDF somehow shows evidence of ‘forgery’… Especially when all the anomalies can be much better explained by a simple workflow.

You have all the answers, other than that you presume there to be a ‘forged image’, something which does not follow from the available data.

Yes, the AP document has various issues: The bluish hue, and the lack of a clear basketweave. But first let’s look at the workflow:

The green basketweave was ‘added’ by the DOH of HI when they copied the original onto the basketweave paper.

The copies were certified by adding a date and signature stamp and a seal.

One of the copies was scanned and printed out and added to the press pack, however the background never copied that well, which of course is the purpose of the basketweave. Applewhite captured the documents.

AP Images: (follow link)

The first batch was captured around 8:53AM EDT

11042713007  – Green LFBC
110427018939 – COLB no basketweave, bluish, text shining through
110427018673 – LFBC no basketweave, bluish, text shining through

These were capture around 3:30PM EDT
110427127425 – Fuddy response, text shining through
110427127458 – Obama letter to Fuddy, text shining through

The press pack was then copied, and several of the pages all show the next page ‘leaking through’. Perhaps a rush job as the pack was assembled.

Scott Applewhite’s images for that day show the green background document as well as several bluish tinted pages with the Long Form Birth Certificate as well as the COLB and the letter Obama sent to the DOH of HI, requesting certified copies of his long form, and the response.

GeorgeWashingtonsGhost: The fact that all lines and text of the “bc” have white halos around them is PROOF that the green security paper background was added.

This does not make sense as there is no need to create a halo when ‘painting’ the foreground onto the background. In fact, the presence of the halo is best understood through the workflow of the Xerox copier. Zebest tried to mimic the effects but failed.

Halos are a well known consequence of Mixed Raster Compression and in this case, the workflow worsens this by at least two steps: Adding JBIG2 compression which replaces text with similar characters, which of course do not match the background as perfectly, and the fact that the background in encoded in JPEG and then downsampled to half the resolution of the foreground.

In fact, the x-ray effect seen in the background is trivially recreated by the workflow as well.