Seizethecarp – talk is cheap

“The artifacts you see are a result of PDF compression…in this case a kind of Mixed raster compression alrogithm was used.”

Seizethecarp:Talk is cheap. It took two years before NBC published a pdf claiming to actually reproduce the many “artifacts”…

I really never looked as it was obvious to me that it was related to mixed raster compression. When I finally looked, I was amazed at the level of details missed by the Cold Case Posse and through a lot of serendipity I ran across a PDF that matched the features. That MRC was part of the explanation was never in doubt, as too many artifacts showed that some form had been used.

From there onwards, it was a journey of discovery. Remember that there has never been a real need to address the CCP ‘experts’ as their findings never amounted to much. But I love a little mystery and eventually returned to look at it. The journey that led to the discovery is actually quite a bit more relevant to me than the discovery itself.

Still, I take great pleasure and pride in my work and hope that others can either find support for it, or debunk it. Either way, my work as a scientist has been to further our understandings. I have no problems accepting mistakes I may have made, such is the price of scientific inquiry.


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  1. you’ve done a SUPER job – while i knew nothing and still know nothing about halos, artifacts, anomalies, etc, i have learned a great deal – my questions have always been, why would the leader of the free world not be able to find the best forger in the world and why would a forger produce a document with the same data confirmed by the verifications and would the secret service swear under oath that an internet downloaded PDF of a $20 bill proves the $20 bill is a forgery?
    it never made any sense to me – what is being forged?

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