Seizethecarp and Bluecat6

“And there’s a second problem when the layers and manipulations can be EASILY explained by the process of creating a PDF from a digitally fabricated documented, such as through InDesign and then converted to PDF. Nothing offered in the new explanations can rule that out.”

SeizetheCarp: The problem is that Zullo claimed that his experts ruled out the work flow that NBC claims to have proved was possible. If NBC’s claims are true then Zullo cannot claim to have proved that a hard copy of the LFBC image was NEVER scanned and must have been forged.

Zullo has a very high bar to get to proof beyond a reasonable doubt that criminal forgery has been committed.

Indeed and so far he seems to have missed the bar by quite some distance.

SeizetheCarp: There remain many questions about the LFBC image including whether it could have been produced on a circa 1961 typewriter.

If you look at other Kapiolani Birth certificates around that time, they appear to be quite similar in type-face.

SeizetheCarp: Zullo has a 300+ page document claiming proofs of criminal forgery and only one portion pertains to pdf copying issues, although Zullo has presented the pdf issue in the most sensational manner, especially to the sheriffs when he was showing them how Onaka’s signature block could be moved around. Now NBC claims that this can be replicated and put up a pdf supposedly proving it.

Much of his other ‘evidence’ is based on hearsay and speculation. The PDF was the closest to evidence of forgery because of the artifacts found.

Bluecat6: As Red Steel indicates. This is all smoke and mirrors and it not even good smoke and mirrors.

There simply is no OCR table in the original file.

Correct. And I am not claiming that it exists. In fact, no OCR is needed to get the artifacts to show up.

Hope this clarifies