BZ: Why would they scan it on the Xerox and not save it until it was on a Mac? They didn’t do that with the tax return NBC cites. Of course, that tax return is the only one that mentions Xerox WorkCentre. If the Xerox does all scans in landscape orientation, then wouldn’t the tax form be sideways unless it was first previewed, rotated, and then saved – yielding a PDF producer other than the Xerox?

The Xerox scanner sends the document as an email. Since it was scanned up-side-down, the person who opened it on the Mac rotated it and saved it. If you look at the images at the PDF level, they are rotated in landscape format.

BZ:I knew something was screwy with the WH long-form file when I tried C&P-ing it into a Word document and it showed the haloes. I wanted to test whether the same thing happened with other documents scanned and posted at whitehouse.gov but my computers are giving me trouble again.

The haloes are interesting and I believe can be explained by the MRC process which separates the fore and background, encodes the foreground as a bitmap and the background as JPEG. The jpeg now has white holes were the text was and this bleeds through. Worse the jpeg gets subsampled to half the resolution, further bleeding white into the visible area.

BZ:Just so you know, Zullo has mentioned that the security background doesn’t match that used at the HDOH at the time, so his emphatic claim that the White House image is absolutely known to be a forgery is not just based on the artifacts and/or computer analyses.

I thought you said you had taken photographs. As to Zullo, he is not really much of an expert here, he is just reporting as to what he has been told, I am sure. Zullo’s claims that the PDF artifacts show a forgery are plain wrong. His other claims, well, I would not hold my breath there either. I have looked at some of his claims and found them less than impressive.


The Applewhite image has the two dots at the right edge?

Yes, I noted this as well. What can you expect of photographs of copies of copies. And yet some believe that this document somehow created the other document or vice versa. You and I appear to understand why this is somewhat foolish.