Butterdezillion and PDF Producer

BZ: If the PDF was created on the Xerox WorkCentre, that should be what is listed as the PDF Producer, even if the PDF was emailed to a different computer. Just opening a document doesn’t change the program that created the document.

Correct, but remember that I have shown that the document was fed into the document feeder upside down and thus when the email recipient received the document, he/she rotated it and saved it as a Preview PDF. The question now becomes: Can I show that the document was created on the Xerox? And the answer is yes. I will address this below when I address a similar question by GregNH

BZ:Why did they treat the BC and COLB differently than they treated the tax forms? If the tax forms were gonna be fine going straight from the Xerox to being posted online, then why weren’t the long-form and COLB gonna be fine?

I have explained this when pointing out that the document was scanned upside down. Only this way, all the features align.

GregNH: I have not been following this Xerox thread with much interest. But it appears to me that 1) The only Xerox created PDF was a tax return. I would be surprised if Zippos tax return was done and processed in the WH, but I will let that go. 2) NBC has not shown any evidence that the WH LFBC was scanned with a Xerox.

I have actually done just that. In a variety of ways:

1. The White House PDF embeds a JPG and when extracting the JPG you can extract a JPEG comment ‘YCbCr’

2. The same JPEG comment shows up in the Xerox created workflow and so far I have not found it in any other (Yes, I am trying to prove a negative here which can be easily shown invalid)

3. The White House embedded JPEG is encoded with a Quantization Matrix which matches matrices generated by Xerox WorkCentre scanners, although not all firmware versions. However, it matches the one found in the White House Tax forms.

4. I have shown that the document created by my workflow matches all the aspects of the White House LFBC PDF. In other words, my workflow is fully consistent.