Xerox 7655 – AP Copy scanned

I took the high resolution AP JPEG which I had extracted from the PDF and had it run through the Xerox scanner. The reason is that this document was not JBIG2 compressed and did not show identical characters. So what would Xerox do with it. The results are not surprising to most of us. Note that every time you repeat the scan you will get different results, often quite different.

First the layers. Note how, like with the other Xerox scans, it opens up in ‘landscape’ mode.

AP LayersNow let’s look at the 4 bitmaps and the jpeg that resulted from this scan. Note how one of the ‘layers’ is similar to the ‘speckled’ layers found in the Obama LFBC. Another artifacts laid to rest. You need to click to see the images since WordPress does not seem to like PNG files.

Xerox7655BW-000The background layer is, as expected, the bluish tinted ‘jpeg’ with some letters and parts still separated onto the background

Xerox7655BW-001Most of the text separates into the largest foreground monochrome bitmap

Xerox7655BW-002The signature block separates almost completely

Xerox7655BW-003The date stamp separates nicely.

Xerox7655BW-004And the speckled layer

In the next posting I will outline the various examples where JBIG2 has created identical characters even though they are not so in the original. Oh and of course the JPEG still contains the YCbCr string. I will also show how many of the characters become ragged in appearance.