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The Xerox scan shows objects that are scaled 24% and 48% and rotated -90 degrees. And yes, items do scale as they are of different resolutions. The cold case posse, unaware of how PDF’s work and how MRC can lead to such artifacts, jumped to the conclusion that ‘items will not scale at different sizes during a scan’. Funny how that is so easily disproven, as anyone familiar with MRC could have predicted. In fact, I have previously explained the 24/48% scaling and it is trivial once you understand how PDF’s work… Hint: 72/300 and 72/150 is what exactly?…

Mara Zebest: Figure 23 shows the Link Information for the Onaka stamp object. The important focus has to do with the scale information which shows the object was scaled 24% and rotated -90°. Most of the links show similar scale information except for the background pattern. Figure 24 shows the Link Information dialog box which indicates the background pattern object has been scaled at 48% (instead of 24%). Again, this inconsistency is another indicator of image manipulation that refutes the OCR naysayer argument. If the document is scanned, regardless of whether OCR software was used or not, there is still a consistency in the scanning process (which is not present in this document). Items will not scale at different sizes during a scan.



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  1. Has Hank ever figured out where the scaling factor is located in the file?

    ROTFL, his understanding of PDF’s is quite limited… His computer skills are mediocre at best. And his ability to look for evidence in areas where it is not expected to be found is, well, priceless.

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