Mara Zebest – Preserve editing capabilites

Since many of my findings contradict the claims by the Cold Case Posse and especially the report(s) by Mara Zebest, I have taken some time to point out some of the more obvious flaws:

Mara Zebest  made the following claim

Mara: When saving the file as a PDF from Illustrator, the default setting will Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities—which means it will retain all the object (sub-layer) information within the PDF file. Thus when the PDF file is opened, the layer and sub-layer groups are still available. There’s a very strong possibility that the creator of Obama’s certificate file followed a similar process.

This is a prediction that can be quickly tested and I am surprised that the experts never considered doing the simple experiment.

When saving the document, with preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities turned on, the size balloons to 8-9 Mbytes and there are tell tale signs that the document includes Private data. I am flabbergasted that the Cold Case Posse failed to do the simple experiment that would have shown that their claims are without any merit.

The PDF looks totally unlike the WH LFBC but it does require one to look at the raw data. This has been a consistent problem with the Cold Case Posse. They apparently never bothered to look at the raw data which contains the most helpful data.

It’s this kind of sloppy research that really offends my sensibilities as they are so trivial to test and yet, the researchers apparently never bothered to do so.

I’d love to hear from the CCP as to the extent of their research as they appear to have only used high level tools such as Illustrator, basically ignoring all the evidence present in the actual PDF… I find that inexcusably sloppy.

The experiment is simple: I saved a file as PDF with editing Capabilities turned on. In addition to the much larger size, the PDF shows a lot of hints not found in the Whitehouse PDF

For instance the page object shows an Illustrator object (Obj 9)

obj 7 0
 Type: /Page
 Referencing: 8 0 R, 3 0 R, 9 0 R, 10 0 R, 5 0 R, 11 0 R, 12 0 R, 13 0 R, 14 0 R, 15 0 R, 16 0 R

    /ArtBox [0.0 0.0 792.0 612.0]
    /BleedBox [0.0 0.0 792.0 612.0]
    /Contents 8 0 R
    /LastModified "(D:20130809000024-07'00')"
    /MediaBox [0.0 0.0 792.0 612.0]
    /Parent 3 0 R
        /Illustrator 9 0 R
            /GS0 10 0 R
        /ProcSet [/PDF/ImageB/ImageC]
            /MC0 5 0 R
            /Im0 11 0 R
            /Im1 12 0 R
            /Im2 13 0 R
            /Im3 14 0 R
            /Im4 15 0 R
    /Thumb 16 0 R
    /TrimBox [0.0 0.0 792.0 612.0]
    /Type /Page

Object 9 contains Private data

obj 9 0
 Referencing: 21 0 R

    /LastModified "(D:20130809000024-07'00')"
    /Private 21 0 R

Obj 21 contains a myriad of AIPDFPrivate objects, 106 to be exactly. Anyone who would have bothered to do the experiment and look at the PDF file would have refrained from making such foolish assertions. The file has NOTHING in common with the White House LFBC PDF. Given the size of the PDF, this should not have come as a surprise…