How I determined that the WH LFBC was scanned upside down

As an inquisitive investigator, I noticed how when scanning the WH LFBC the ‘right-side-up’, the images were rotated the wrong direction. Of course, the logical experiment is to scan the document upside down and then rotate 180 degrees in preview. Not surprisingly, the resulting document matched not only the rotations of the objects but also the alignments. This was my little test of Hermitian but he failed to respond. If you scan upside down, the two sides that align with 8×8 are on opposite sides… That’s how I determined that the document was scanned ‘up-side-down’.

Since Hermitian seems to better understand Illustrator than raw PDF, I have provided the following screen shots.

UpsideDown WH7655 Preview Mostly TextUpsideDown WH7655 Preview Background