Hermitian: Following the Xerox Workflow

[NBC: Introduction

“Hermitian’s hypothesis is competing with the following.
•The original long form birth certificate was scanned in, upside down, on a Xerox Work Centre, most likely 7655 because it has been shown that the White House owns such a device which produces the same finger prints as found in the WH LFBC PDF”

Have you examined the color fringes in relation to the scan direction and diode sensors to verify that the image was scanned in upside down ? This would prove (or disprove) your upside-down theory.

NBC: Interesting point. However I have done two experiments and compared the structure of the documents. If you can do a Diode analysis, you could perhaps put to rest my hypothesis… Just an idea..

Also it’s not clear why you need to go there. Below you claim the the image is also upside-down when opened in Preview. Why am I not shocked that the image from scanning an upside-down document would be upside down?

NBC: Yes, this is essential to my hypothesis as someone had to save the document in Preview and this provides the rationale AND is supported by all evidence.

Of course if you are correct, then that would be evidence that the Xerox 7655 is device independent with respect to MAC OS Preview. So why am I not shocked that a Cadillac Xerox Workcenter would be device independent with respect to MAC OS Preview ?

NBC: For the same reason I was shocked that you suggested otherwise..

After all probably millions of world citizens would have long ago brought any scanned image orientation problems in Preview to the attention of Xerox engineers.

NBC: Wow… that did take you a bit of time…

And it also seems logical that if the scanned image of a document placed upside-down on the glass produces an upside-down image in MAC OS Preview then a document placed right-side-up on the glass should then produce a scanned image that displays right-side-up in Preview.

So What am missing here?

NBC: The step that the document was rotated and saved by the person who opened it and found it to be upside down.

•The Xerox Work Centre was instructed to use the standard profile for constructing a document and email itThe email was opened in Preview and it was found that the scan was upside down •This results in: •Initial scan of 600 DPI

I don’t know about you but when I scan a paper document with my Canon MFP I walk over to the MFP and place the Document right-side-up on the glass and push the scan button. The MFP automatically goes into standby so that I can walk back to my computer to activate the Scan with whatever software I happen to be scanning to.

NBC: You may not be too familiar with enterprise scanners/printers and copiers. They support an email workflow.

Now if I notice that the image is upside down on the screen I make a mental note to never do that again and then use my editor to rotate the image to right-side-up and re-save the file.

NBC: Good for you but you have your scanner in your room.

•Separation into a jpeg background and multiple monochrome foregrounds
•Alignment of two boundaries with 8×8 bit offsets
•Alignment of two boundaries with internal object
•Downsampling the background to 150 DPI
•Downsampling the foregrounds to 300 DPI
•Saving the JPEG with a quality factor of 47.48% with specific Quantization Matrix
•Embedding a YCbCr comment into the generated JPEG
•JBIG2 compression
•Images are all in landscape direction”

I thought you said that they were upside-down. Do you mean both landscape AND upside-down. So we’re back to the drunk paralegal ?

NBC: Internally these objects are stored in landscape form.. Sigh… Have you still not understood this?

“•The PDF was rotated in preview 180 degrees “

I’m pulling up the digital compass on my cell phone.

NBC: 180 degrees means it is turned right side up, for those directionally inclined.

“•The PDF was printed to PDF (possibly with scale to fit set) •This results in: •PDF version is changed from 1.x to 1.3”

NBC: You mean you didn’t first extract all the JPEGS from the PDF ?

Why should they? No evidence to support this.

•JBIG2 objects are now encoded as FlateDecode monochrome bitmaps
•ObjStm objects are decomposed into multiple XObjects
•/Rotate tag is replaced with cm level rotations
•Metadata shows Preview creator/producer information
•A clipping mask is added

Can you prove that Preview added a clipping mask ? I thought that Preview did a crop operation.

I provided you with the PDF code that shows this. PS a clipping mas looks like a b c d re W n just in case you have not figured that out… If you have any questions about this, let me know

•This PDF was made available electronically

Whew !!!

Time to charge the cell phone…

NBC: So far nothing to contradict my workflow. But it was a good opportunity for me to educate you as to the finer details…


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  1. Hermitian: Have you examined the color fringes in relation to the scan direction and diode sensors to verify that the image was scanned in upside down ?

    Too bad that there are not too many color fringes in the document.

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