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Zoltan4 at the Freerepublic has posted the bad news so far no real responses.
To: Cold Case Posse Supporter; Jeff Winston

Here is what’s important.

Two different people (non-expert or experts) working with similar type documents, on two different scanners, produced PDFs that if examined using the main criteria of the CCP, would have to be declared forgeries. But they are not forgeries.

Use this PDF created on the Xerox 7535

If you open this document in Illustrator, you can move around the registrar stamp and place it anywhere on the document. And the document does not have a clipping mask around the outer edge.

And if you open it and save it on a Mac using Preview, you get a rectangular clipping mask around the edge of the document. Preview adds a clipping mask for some reason without any input from the user.

Both of these criteria were noted by Zullo in the CSPOA Convention as not being possible by just scanning a document into a computer.

This test by these two non-experts show that not to be true.

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