DC – Taitz v Donahue – Orly letter and Why she will fail again

Sterngard Friegen at the Fogbow explains:

There is no potential for discovery in a FOIA case as a general matter. And what Taitz is doing isn’t cognizable under the FOIA statute, even if she exhausts her administrative remedies. Which she is incapable of doing.

In other words, even in the unlikely case where Orly has exhausted her administrative remedies, she still cannot get discovery by filing a lawsuit in Federal Court.

Dear Ms. Griffith,
On 07.03.2013 I received your 6.29.2013 response to my FOIA request for information Case 2013-IGFP-00406/ related case 120306HER047. This response is a non-response and is being appealed herein.

My FOIA request for information is in regards to my criminal complaint filed with the Postmaster General and Inspector General for the USPS. You acknowledged the receipt of the complaint and the attached DVD. The complaint contained the evidence of Barack Hussein Obama using a fabricated cancellation USPS stamp on his fabricated Selective Service registration. The complaint contained the following exhibits:

1. Sworn affidavit of Jeffrey Stefan Coffman, Chief investigator of the Special Investigations Unit of the U.S. coast guard attesting to the fact that Barack Obama’s alleged Selective Service registration is a forgery and it contains a fabricated US cancellation postal stamp.

2. A report of my 2009 meeting with the director of the Selective Service, William Chatfield and my report to him in regards to forgery in Obama’s alleged Selective Service registration and his use of a fabricated cancellation US postal stamp.

3. An article documenting a press conference by Sheriff Joseph Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona, attesting to the same facts.

4. DVD of the press conference by Sheriff Joseph Arpaio demonstrating how forger created this fabricated postal stamp used by Obama in his selective service registration.

Your response states that the Inspector General forwarded this complaint to the USPIS-Mail Fraud Division demanding action and report within 30 days. The referral was on 06.29.2012, over year ago. There is no further information.

In my appeal I demand further information:

1. The name of the official at USPIS Mail fraud Division who handled this referral from the Inspector General.

2. Response from this official from the Mail fraud division in regards to my criminal complaint.

3. Any and all documentation by the Inspector General David Williams and Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe in response to this evidence of forgery/ fabrication of documents and USPS stamp by Barack Obama, an individual occupying the position of the US President.

4. A criminal complaint filed by the Inspector General David Williams and Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe against Barack Obama and any and all of his accomplices in relation to his use of a fabricated Selective Service certificate bearing a fabricated USPS cancellation stamp.

5. If the criminal complaint against Obama was not filed yet, I request documentation showing when such complaint will be filed and documentation explaining why criminal complaint was not filed yet in light of the evidence of fraud and forgery by an individual occupying the position of the U.S. President and Commander in Chief of the whole U.S. military.

6. I am forwarding to you additional information, a 154 page file showing that Barack Hussein Obama is a citizen of Indonesia, who used a stolen/fraudulently obtained Social Security number and all forged IDs in order to assert his U.S. citizenship and legitimacy to the U.S. Presidency. Any and all inaction in prosecuting this matter might constitute criminal complicity and treason in allowing a foreign national to usurp the position of the US President by virtue of fraud and use of stolen IDs.

In light of paramount importance of the matter to the US National Security I am requesting an expedient priority handling of this complaint ahead of other complaints received by your office. While I fully understand that all complaints are important, this one should take precedence over the complaints dealing of lost or misplaced mail from grandma. U.S. National security is at stake and should be treated with due diligence and expediency.


2 thoughts on “DC – Taitz v Donahue – Orly letter and Why she will fail again

  1. Orly Taitz said this in oral argument in her Mississippi case:

    Taitz: “Why I have sued Postmaster General: The Selective Service certificate. For 200 years there has been four-digit stamp. This is only time in 200 years of U.S. history that there was used a two-digit stamp. This was found to be a forgery by Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona. I submitted to court affidavit of Mike Zullo stating that it’s a clear forgery.”

    Paul Lentz at the Fogbow is a stamp collector and quickly found several examples of post marks with two digit years. http://www.thefogbow.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=9716&start=100#p522296

    Orlyy and Kommandate Zullo, you can thank Paul at your convenience.

  2. Be prepared that anytime Orly makes a statement of ‘fact’, there will be examples that disprove her statement.

    Submitting an affidavit by a private person with no expertise on these matters hardly impresses a court and has no legal relevance.

    Orly found that out when her experts and evidence were found to be lacking in more than one court…

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