Xerox Patents – US 8,306,345

Our friend Electro Magnetic Punk claimed that he had looked at Xerox patents and found none that disclosed multiple foreground layers. I will be documenting the Xerox portfolio and show why he is wrong.

3+N layer mixed raster content (MRC) images and processing thereof

Publication number US8306345 B2
Publication type Grant
Application number 12/564,520
Publication date Nov 6, 2012
Filing date Sep 22, 2009
Priority date Sep 22, 2009
Also published as US20110069885
Inventors Xing Li, Amal Malik
Original Assignee Xerox Corporation
A method for processing image data includes using advantages of both a three-layer MRC model and an N-layer MRC model to create a new 3+N layer MRC model and to generate a 3+N layer MRC image. The method includes providing input image data; segmenting the input image data to generate: (i) a background layer representing the background and the pictorial attributes of the image data, (ii) one or more binary foreground layers, (iii) a selector layer, and (iv) a contone foreground layer representing the foreground attributes of the image data on the background layer; and integrating the background layer, the selector layer, the contone foreground layer, and the one or more binary foreground layers into a data structure having machine-readable information for storage in a memory device. Each binary foreground layer includes one or more pixel clusters representing text pixels of a particular color in the input image data.