Xerox Patent – US 7,403,661

Systems and methods for generating high compression image data files having multiple foreground planes

Publication number US7403661 B2
Publication type Grant
Application number 10/776,514
Publication date Jul 22, 2008
Filing date Feb 12, 2004
Priority date Feb 12, 2004
Also published as CN1655583A, 5 More »
Inventors Donald J Curry, Doron Kletter, Asghar Nafarieh
Original Assignee Xerox Corporation


The image data is analyzed to identify blobs having similar characteristics. Various blobs are gathered together and placed into a foreground plane based on one or more color characteristics and/or spatial characteristics. Each blob gathered onto a foreground plane has a color that is similar to a color associated with that foreground plane. One or more portions of the image data that is not mapped into any foreground plane may be mapped into a background plane.