CA – Taitz v. Donahue – FOIA lawsuit

Orly has once again done it: She now has filed a FOIA lawsuit against the United Postal Service. Why? Because she filed a FOIA request early June and believes that they have failed to respond within the statutory 20 working days. Note that the 20 days start from the time the document is delivered at the appropriate FOIA site.

Orly also filed hundreds of pages of irrelevant information, which may have further complicated matters.

Orly claims she filed two complaints, a year ago, and that she has heard nothing since.

Poor Orly… All because two digits of the stamp are not visible on the poor quality copy of the Selective Services Document.

Orly’s exaggerated claims include

For a year Postmaster General did not take any action. Taitz filed a FOIA demanding information, demanding to know what action was taken in relation to the evidence submitted by Taitz, which showed a fabricated postal stamp in Obama’s bogus Selective Service certificate. Postmaster and Inspector General dd not respond. Taitz filed a complaint with the U.S/ District Court. what we have here is nothing short of treason: senior officials are engaged in a RICO enterprise in covering up Obama’s forged IDs.

Let’s hope Judge Lamberth gets to hear the case. It’s time Orly is properly rewarded for her efforts.