Requests for the PDF

Several people have requested that I release the PDF which was created by the Xerox WorkCentre 7655.

At the moment, I see no immediate need to do so.

  • I have provided references to several online Xerox 7655 PDF’s which use JBIG2 and MRC compression and which show the same multiple bitmaps as found in President Obama’s PDF.
  • I have provided all the necessary steps to repeat my experiment. A good researcher therefore would repeat my steps and not rely on my own PDF, which could very well have been forged itself.
  • I want to see if Zullo and his ‘experts’ will make the effort to do their job in showing that the Whitehouse PDF is not fraudulent, as this was what originally motivated Sheriff Arpaio. We shall see if their actions speak as loud as their words.
  • I am still hoping that they can convince some Congressmen or women to start a House or Senate investigation and would love to see the Dems roll in the Xerox Workcentre during the hearing, in order to interrogate the likely forger.

Timing is everything here, and I believe that it is not the right time yet. The level of embarrassment to those taking the issue to Court or the Legislative branch is just too tempting…

I will continue to document my findings and address the comments by the various self-professed experts and show how the identified workflow explains the artifacts.



2 thoughts on “Requests for the PDF

  1. You can’t be serious? And after hours and hours of “expert” testimony on both sides of the question; you would still be at the same point where you started. And then somebody will suddenly say, “Why are we listening to any testimony at all when access to Obama’s natal records will settle the matter?

    ex animo

  2. I am not sure what you are saying here dear friend. There has been little expert testimony on either side on the issue. We have seen some people open up illustrator trying to understand the document and concluding that it is a fraud. And we have people like Woodman and gsgs who have shown how algorithmic processes explain the data much better, and now I have shown how the issue is resolved.

    We have already seen Obama’s natal records and they show him born on Hawaiian soil.

    I am merely showing how those who claim that the PDF is evidence of fraud, are wrong.

    The same way I have shown why people who claim that natural born means born to two citizen parents are also wrong.

    It’s a hobby, it’s a lot of fun and I do not have any burden of evidence to make my case really as the status quo is fine with me…

    But the birthers are in an interesting situation right now: Either they admit that they were wrong or refuse to do so and be exposed at the next time we see them ‘testify’, however unlikely such an occurrence may be.

    I will just sit back and watch them self destruct, attacking each other (Zullo/Gallup vs Kessler/Taitz) and while the courts will continue to reject their follies.

    I have provided all the help anyone need to confirm or disprove my findings. Let’s see how good birthers are at doing some real work…

    It took me two days… Surely we can expect something by… let’s say… just to be fair… the end of they year?

    Come on birthers… I know that there must be someone amongst you who can do it? I may even help by explaining which tools to use and what commands to enter. Yes my friends, it’s command line and hex editors now, not some high level program that hides all the details.

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