Educating the Confused – African again…

Mark Gillar reports

Also, for everyone debating the “African” term. The HDOH did allow people to self-report. However, failure to use the correct term for self-reporting resulted in a correction.If the term was not the appropriate term from the 1960 manual, it was lined through and changed. It really doesn’t matter what term Obama Sr. reported. If it was incorrect, it would have been changed by one of the two registrar’s clerks reviewing the document.In his case, the term African would have been lined through and replaced with the word negro. See the Missouri videos for an actual example of this where someone self-reported “colored” and it was lined through and replaced with the word Negro. It was a 1961 BC by the way.

Note that Mark presents no evidence other than a Missouri video, failing to understand that the States set the rules.

Of course, as Reality Check quickly pointed out

If African was not allowed how do you explain the mixture of Hawaiian and other races coded on the Ah’Nee birth certificate? Of course you have no credibility as one of the producers of the fraudulent video that tried to pass off the 1968-69 codes as those from 1961. After getting caught red handed at that deception you tried to explain it as a “production error”. Meanwhile Zullo says “we have the real 1961 codes but we cannot release them”.

My thanks go out to Miki Booth who provided us with the evidence contradicting Gillar’s position.


7 thoughts on “Educating the Confused – African again…

  1. “African” does seem inconsistent with what is found in Obama Sr’s Immigration files. All those documents list race or nationality or citizenship as Kenya or British.

  2. Not all of them. One shows country of origin: Africa, if I recall correctly. But race and nationality are two different things.

    African however was the common term preferred in the Kenya census.

    Nothing much news here.

  3. So John when you fill out a form and it asks for cititzenship you put down caucasian? None of those forms ask for race.

  4. Actually, it is quite possible that it was the parent(s) making the correction, not HDOH. As I recall, the line-outs are not initialed, which means they were made before the certificate was signed. In 1961, Negro was more PC than colored.

  5. We also have to consider Obama Sr’s reported age of 25 on the birth certificate. During this time (around 1961), Obama reported himself as being born in 1934 on nearly all documentation that I can see. This would make him 27 not 25 as indicated on the birth certificate. Around the time Obama started attending Havard, he reported being born in 1936, but clearly documentation shows he was born in 1934 around 1961. In fact documentation completed less than month after Obama Jr’s birth shows him being born in 1934. That indicates an age of 27 not 25 as shown on Obama’s BC.

  6. If the CCP and Gillar are correct, then had President Obama been born on September 4th, 1961, his BC would have been coded using the August 14th, 1961 instructions. That means the registrar would have struck out the racial entry “African” and replaced it with “Other nonwhite”. How stupid is that?

    Has anyone eveer seen a BC with a parent’s race entered as “other nonwhite”?

  7. Hey Mark, I understand that Gallup managed to maneuver you out of the Cold Case Posse. Do you think that reporting my findings is going to make them warm up to you again?

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