Kessler/Taitz v Gallup/Zullo

Exciting new developments.

Kessler has dropped support for Zullo and has fully embraced Orly.

Kessler reported that he was contacted by Sharon (likely Sharon Rondeau)

Apparently, Zullo had a “shit fit” over Kessler’s interview with Orly.

It’s so funny to see the two sides rip each other apart.

‘Chief’ Kessler, a one man police force, has his shows on blogtalkradio

Parts transcribed by Squeeky Fromm

Chief Mark Kessler June 28, 2013 Breaking All The Rules Radio Show

at 6:20 I had a very interesting phone call yesterday from a reporter, one of Mike Zullo’s friends, guess you could call her that, or whatever. Uh, she wanted to know why I was bashing Mike Zullo. I’ll tell you why, because I think Mike Zullo is a piece of garbage. He is a lying sack of **** and excuse my French, but when you bring law enforcement from all over the country into a room and pretend to be a law enforcement officer and host a alleged top secret meeting, it’s a slap in the face to every cop on the planet. Every law enforce, especially those officers because they were considered, or are considered constitutional peace officers.

at 7:28 Mike Zullo could not arrest anyone. He has no powers of arrest. He is not a sworn anything. So I put a challenge out to this lady, and to Mike Zullo, because I guess she was going to interview him after my interview, and I let her record it and all, and I gave it to him left and right.

First I started out with, if Mike Zullo comes to Pennsylvania, my jurisdiction, and whips out his badge and his credential, I am going to lock his ass up for impersonating a police officer. In a heartbeat. That mother, he, I will take him to county under Pennsylvania statutes. I’m not playing games. I will lock his ass up.