CA – Taitz v Obama – Uh oh

Another fail and worse, she has made several other failures and the court may not be impressed. Let me point out that the appellate court does not know default and will rule based on the lower court’s findings. It did not need any input from the defendants as the Court will have no trouble accepting the lower court’s decision

Order filed.

On June 21, 2013, appellant submitted a faxed notice regarding respondents’ brief having not been filed and also included was a declaration of new facts that appellant believes will weigh in favor of granting her appeal. On June 24, 2013, appellant filed the original to the fax received on June 21, 2013. The clerk of this court is DIRECTED to reject the fax received June 21, 2013, and to strike the filing of the document filed June 24, 2013, and return forthwith both documents to appellant. The court is aware of the status of respondents’ briefs and the declaration of new facts is not part of the record on appeal