Birth certificate forger Identified – Xerox Work Centre – 7655

HT: Kevin Vicklund who first raised the Xerox WorkCentre as a possibility.

HT: Justlw at Dr Conspiracy who was way ahead of his/her time

But based on my poking around, I would put money on the White House having a Xerox WorkCentre color copier/scanner with a “scan to email” feature, rather than anything attached directly to someone’s Macintosh.

The POTUS tax PDF was created on a Xerox WorkCentre 7655 and JPEG shows graylinear just like the Xerox WorkCentre 7655 scans I obtained. So again, we now have a likely candidate for the actual device used. The VP Tax return also shows a 7655 workcentre but it has not been touched by Preview and shows PDF 1.5 encoding, and JBIG2

Given that the SCOTUS PDF was created on a 7655 WorkCentre, I tentatively conclude that the device used to create the Whitehouse birth certificate PDF is a Xerox WorkCentre 7655

I checked the Xerox site for MRC and JBIG2 encoding in the specifications

Improved scan export compression (MRC, JBIG2) reduces traffic on the network and speeds your documents to their destinations.

7 thoughts on “Birth certificate forger Identified – Xerox Work Centre – 7655

  1. I want to see that WorkCentre in handcuffs and being frog marched in a perp walk out of the people’s house, PRONTO.

  2. And don’t think this clears Obama for even a second. That Workcentre is in the Executive Branch and taking orders directly from the top!

    Bengahzi, Benghazi, Workcentre, Fast and Furious, Slow and Plodding IRS, Benghazi, Bengahzi!

  3. I am sure the workcentre was involved in many of these ‘scandals’, copying and scanning without asking any questions..

  4. seriously, i would like to see zullo and his “experts” refute these findings and see what they come up with – but like everything else with them, they will make some determination without releasing a report – i think issa should call xerox in for a hearing – aren’t corporations “people”?

  5. Awesome! I’m proud to have left my tiny little scratch on the admantine surface of birfer ignorance.

    (that’d be ahead of “his” time, FWIW).

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