CA – Taitz v Obama – Weird document

Okay, who has pranked our dentist/lawyer friend? Orly believes that since Obama et al refused to respond to her appeal, they are now in default… Poor Orly… Or course, new information cannot be raised on appeal and yet.. Hey wait, did she not lecture Zullo on this? Orly is so clueless… Soooo funny… And really, some third hand hearsay…

Case G047746
Superior Court Ca5e Number

Taitz v Obama, Feinstein, Emken



Orly Taitz,         Appellant


Appellant attaches herein a notice of the Fourth District Court of Appeals of the notice sent to the Appellees on June 4, 2013, advising them that they did not file their appellee’s brief in time. Appellees were given additional 15 days to submit their brief. Appellees failed to do so.

June 4, 2013 notice states: I [sic] Respondent’s brief is not filed within 15 days from the date of this notice, the court may decide the appeal upon the record, the opening brief and any argument by the appellant (Cal Rules of Court, rule 8.220(a)(2).)

Due to the lack of the appellees briefs, appellant respectfully requests the court to grant her appeal based on her opening brief.

Additionally appellant submits a declaration relating to new facts that appellant believe will weigh in favor of granting her appeal.

Part of the appeal deals with the motion by the Appellant to compel production of the student registration by Barack Marna at the Occidental college. Appellant Taitz sought those records in light of the fact that over 100 pages of documentary evidence showed Barack Obama using forged IDs and a Social Security number, which was assigned to another individual born in 1890. Taitz sought an expedited motion to compel Obama’s registration at the Occidental college. Taitz sought a redacted registration to check Obama’s citizenship listed on his application/registration. Taitz sought this information prior to the general election on November 6, 2012. Two attorneys for the Occidental college argued in opposition to the motion to compel production and sought $4,000 their attorneys fees. This motion was decided in favor of the Occidental college by the lower court.

On June 19, 2013 Appellant Taitz participated in a rally in front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC. She was approached there by a whistleblower, who is an employee of the Higher Education Corporation in Albany, New York. The whistleblower advised Taitz that she personally reviewed the microfilm of Barack Obama’s financial aid and it shows that he received financial aid as a foreign student, citizen of Indonesia. Whistleblower wrote for Taitz in her own handwriting her first and last name, her work e-mail address, her personal e-mail address and her home and cell phone numbers. Taitz did her due diligence and independently verified that the whistleblower is indeed employed by the Higher Education Services Corporation in Albany New York. She further checked that Obama transferred from the Occidental college to Columbia University in New York and his financial aid would indeed be handled by the Higher Education Services Corporation in Albany New York(Hereinafter HESC). Whistleblower advised Taitz that the policy of the HESC is not to destroy records and microfilm is contained in the safe of the corporation. She further advised Taitz that several employees of the HESC made copies of the microfilm, in case the management decides to destroy the evidence. She came forward, as she is concerned about fraud being committed and the fact that as a citizen of Indonesia °barna was not eligible to be the president of the United States. Sworn declaration by Taitz is attached.

Taitz provided this information as it weighs in favor of granting her appeal, as it is the most important and most urgent matter of public concern and of national security. Moreover, if further evidence confirms this information and it will be found that attorneys for Occidental college knew that °lama’s registration, application and financial aid show him registered as a foreign student and a citizen of Indonesia, then the attorneys for the Occidental college were committing treason against the United States of America and were aiding and abetting the most egregious fraud in the history of this nation.


10 thoughts on “CA – Taitz v Obama – Weird document

  1. it doesn’t matter where he was born. his mother was an American citizen, at least that much we know for certain.

  2. Well, born abroad to his mother would likely not have made him a citizen due to the naturalization laws of those days.

  3. Except that under Hawai’ian law, she wasn’t legally married, and so the ‘single mother’ laws would apply. Which would keep him a citizen.

  4. But he still lies about where he was born, about know anything about all the scandals that are ongoing, continues on the road to dictatorship. WTF is wrong with you ppl.

  5. Rekoil

    It would be helpful if you could provide so proof of any of your accusations. You won’t because it doesn’t exist.

  6. Rekoil: But he still lies about where he was born, about know anything about all the scandals that are ongoing, continues on the road to dictatorship. WTF is wrong with you ppl.

    If the State of Hawaii says Obama was born there, how is Obama lying? The “scandals” going on have nothing to do with Obama’s eligibility. How is Obama on the road to a dictatorship when he can’t get anything through Congress and the Supreme Court doesn’t seem to be on his side?

  7. But he still lies about where he was born, about know anything about all the scandals that are ongoing, continues on the road to dictatorship. WTF is wrong with you ppl.

    What scandals? Come on, read and educate yourself and we can talk Or provide specifics and I will help you understand the rest of the story.

    Do you not realize how you let others manipulate you?

  8. Hmmm…How many former administration politicians/officials went to jail for various indiscretions during the Bush Years??? Versus how many of the present administration’s folks have even been charged for anything…

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