Orly Taitz Claims She Can Have President Obama “Out Of Office In 30 Days”


2 thoughts on “Orly Taitz Claims She Can Have President Obama “Out Of Office In 30 Days”

  1. Okay, I’ll be the first. As you know, all of these court cases, including mine in Georgia, are actually evidentiary hearings to obtain access to Obama’s vital records. The theory being: if we got Discovery; we win. If Discovery was granted by any court, Orly Taitz — and the reason I hired here for my case — would be the one person who would know where to go in Hawaii to get the right records.

    ex animo

  2. I understand that ‘hail Mary’ pass used by some birthers to get ‘discovery’ but the court is not going to allow a fishing expedition, as the birthers have found out the hard way. Worse, few seem to know how to get letters rogatory or similar issued. As to Orly, she has attempted many times and messed up in several instances. She has helped set some useful precedents in this area as well, for that we should thank her.
    As to where to go to get the records, it does not take a genius for that… It’s all over the internet. Anyone with a few minutes of spare time, could figure that one out.
    And the sad thing is that if discovery were granted, you would lose anyway. It’s a lose lose situation my friend.

    And of course, no court is going to accept the arguments the Court in US v Wong Kim Ark rejected almost 115 years ago.

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