Obama Long Form Birth Certificate – Kerning

A birther named, paraleaglenm, shows us how a regular type writer can create what appears to be kerning. Kerning is the process of changing the spacing between characters, typically using a proportional font. This means that the spacing between characters is not constant. However, as he/she shows, such artifacts can also be created using a regular typewriter, by typing at different speeds.

Use your ‘rectangular marquee’ tool to count/isolate pixels between the letters ‘ny’ in Kenya, and ‘ty’ in the  111ty and ty examples. I touch-typed ‘Kenya’ with strong, quick strokes on the ‘ny’ in order to create a 2 to 3 pixel overlap, or kerning, of the ‘n’ foot and the ‘y’ serif. That is a fully typed word. The ’111ty’ was typed in normal, even rhythm, and your marquee tool will isolate 2-3 pixels  between the t and y. That is normal platen movement.

The final ’ty’ was typed with index fingers of the left and right hand in a quick succession, straining the spring tension indexing of  the platen . . . recreating the expert’s ‘kerning’ in a mechanical typewriter . . . something he said was impossible. Using ‘hunt & peck’ fingers instead of touch-typing created an exaggerated ‘kerning’ effect of 4 pixels overlapping.