Obama Long Form Birth Certificate – Halos

Zebest and Irey have tried to argue that the halos around the text are caused by a unsharp filter. However, there is a real problem with this: The halo is in the background, while the text is in the foreground, the unsharp filter works on the text layer only, unless the layers are somehow merged down but then the layers disappear.

Remember how Mara Zebest used to show how she ‘created’ a halo around the letters, but on closer scrutiny, the halo shows differences from the halo observed.

Artificial Halo Created by Zebest

Artificial Halo Created by Zebest

While the halo appears to be similar to the one on Obama’s, on closer scrutiny there are some relevant differences. The most obvious one is the presence of a dark interior within the ‘halo’, which is likely a side effect of the data filling used by the algorithm.

Halo in Obama's PDF

Halo in Obama’s PDF


2 thoughts on “Obama Long Form Birth Certificate – Halos

  1. An interesting point. Let’s get the original and find out who is the forger and in the process, verify Obama’s presidential qualifications.

    ex animo

  2. You are presuming a forgery. But as we have shown now, there is no support for such a position.

    Poor David, having failed in his claims that Vattel’s law of nations is somehow relevant, he now has returned to other foolish positions.

    Love it.

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