Professor Kuck, Wong Kim Ark and natural-born

Yesterday, a Mario Apuzzo and Professor Charles Kuck discussed the definition of natural born. While for some mysterious reasons Professor Kuch appeared to support Mario’s poorly argued position that natural-born requires two citizen parents in clear contradiction of US v Wong Kim Ark, the good Professor does know about the case, although he refers to the plaintiff/defendant as Mr Ark.

Mimi, on the Fogbow, reminded me of a hilarious episode with Momma E

oh you never heard mario before. A classic from the Momma-E show:


A caller calls in and asks Mario & Charlie Kerchner about Wong Kim Ark and how it will affect their case, and they had never heard of it. Momma-E chimes in for awhile. In the end, they decide it was bad law.


2 thoughts on “Professor Kuck, Wong Kim Ark and natural-born

  1. I suspect that Professor Kuck was playing devil’s advocate and simply agreeing with Mario to the conversation from becoming a debate. One of them said that it was too bad that Rick Santorum was an NBC.

    Also, either Professor Kuck or the other host said that they had read Jack Maskell’s report to Congress. So these guys are well versed in the arguments. And I’m sure they know the difference between dicta and holding.

  2. Would be interesting to find out what their ‘game’ is. Mario must be ecstatic to have finally found a crowd willing to entertain his ideas; the same ideas which were rejected by the Court in United States v Wong Kim Ark.

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