Brian Reilly – Posse not law enforcement

Some people at ORYR are still clueless about the legal status of posse members.

Brian Reilly, former Cold Case Posse member reports

Yes, Zullo is a volunteer. He is conbsidered “law enforcement support.” Posse members who show their badges inappropriately can be charged with impersonating a police officer. The investigation began at the direction of the Sheriff to look into the authenticity of the BC as it related to AZ criminal statutes. On March 1, 2012, the MCSO announced that PC existed that crimes had been committed. However, recently they are saying that the Sheriff never promised to file a criminal complaint, with a switch to focusing on taking the documentation to Congress. In the past 21 months, the entire Congress has not been formally approached by the MCSO CCP.


I was told that it is MCSO policy to have a real, sworn, paid MCSO Deputy travel with volunteer Posse members when they travel out of state. That is why a real Deputy went on the Hawaii trip with Zullo as I understand it.. As I understand it, no sworn MCSO Deputy travelled with Posse Volunteers, Zullo and Jeffreys on their recent trip to Missouri. I am told this is a violation of MCSO policy.
Brian Reilly, a spokesperson for the Tea Party in Arizona had approached Arpaio, urging him to investigate the birth certificate, as reported on ORYR, he joined the MCSO Cold Case Posse only to leave somewhat disillusioned.
For sometime now radio personality Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo have been hyping a meeting with VIPs and people of standing to look at the evidence that the Cold Case Posse developed regarding President Obama’s long form birth certificate. Is this the event that we’ve been waiting for? How will this event result in a criminal complaint being filed in Arizona with the proper authorities? We can only hope that there will be something more that comes out of this conference than a 20 minute speech by Lt. Commander Zullo. With probable cause determined by the MCSO CCP nearly 14 months ago, that felony crimes were committed regarding the Obama birth certificate and his Selective Service System registration form, why hasn’t a criminal complaint been filed by the MCSO CCP in Arizona? Hopefully, something meaningful will be accomplished by Zullo in Missouri at the end of this month. A meaningful conclusion to this investigation would be a welcome here in Arizona. Good luck Mike! Time for a criminal complaint to be filed.” [  ] – Brian Reilly

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  1. More from reilly:

    and commenter “Houston”:

    I just received a email asking for cash, from the sheriff Arpaios wife for his for next election run and to sign his birthday card.
    It talked about what a great man he is and the wonderful jobs he has done for his community. Not one word about President Obama. Or his cold case posse’s. Sound like he has washed his hands clean off this.

  2. Of course, Arpaio never was really ‘on board’, he just hoped to get these tea party people of his back. He needed their support, well, for a while at least.

  3. A criminal complaint will be filed when hell has absolutely, totally frozen over. To Absolute Zero.

    Arpaio isn’t that big a fool.

  4. He is an opportunist and he realized he could get these tea baggers off his back. Of course there was never an intention on his part to take this anywhere… That seems obvious now.

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