Kessler removes himself from birther deal

Sheriff Kessler, who attended the MCSO CCP ‘briefings’ on Obama, and who had been spilling the beans on the ‘secret meeting’, has now removed himself from the birther deal. Kesssler had planned to organize a march on DC, encouraging attendees to carry arms. The MCSO CCP was quick to distance themselves from this.

Mark Kessler
2 hours ago

Friends , Thank you for all your support , I have removed myself from the brither deal !!!, Im am also pulling my support from oath keepers, and cspoa, because of this STATEMENT

John Oetken
Mark Kessler
Mark. I spoke to Richard Mack and he has clarified that he is against any armed march by LEO, citizens, or anyone.
I have also posted this in Oath Keepers
Neither Oath Keepers, nor Stewart Rhodes, nor CSPOA, nor Richard Mack is calling for or supporting any armed march into Washington DC by law enforcement, citizens or anyone else.

let me be very clear my friends !!!! (I Chief Mark Kessler )

I suggest all TRUE OATH KEEPERS join me and MY CAUSE WITH CSF, I/we are true American patriots , I don’t need anyone reminding me of my oath !!

The poor sheriff had also revealed the following shocking information about Obama

“here’s what I was told, VIA cold case possie , 1) bozo isn’t American nor was he born in Hawaii, 2) they believe he’s Saudi , 3) their not his real parents, 4) Russia is involved, 5) it wasn’t an accident he’s president, 6) bill ayers and the weather underground are involved, 7) Kenya played a roll, Hawaii state officials did the birth certificate, he has several other names , not just the ones the public knows about, 9) he don’t exsist in the usa until the age of 5…..10) WERE ALL F*CKED”

What a silly person…


16 thoughts on “Kessler removes himself from birther deal

  1. Thank goodness, he is a sheriff in a town of a few hundred people. He is however trying to collect 100,000 for ammunition… And a car and another Sheriff

  2. More info on the town of which Kessler is the sheriff

    Population in 2011: 769.
    Population change since 2000: -11.3%

    Land area: 1.43 square miles.

    Full-time law enforcement employees in 2010, including police officers: 1 (1 officers).

    Estimated median house or condo value in 2009: $29,848 (it was $23,800 in 2000)
    Gilberton: $29,848
    Pennsylvania: $164,700

    Median gross rent in 2009: $440.

    The country side appears to be full of coal mines. What a pit.

  3. Too late… He has spilled the beans and shown how foolish Zullo’s ‘research’ has become.

    These clowns surely are good at impeaching themselves…

  4. “how foolish Zullo’s ‘research’ has become.”

    “4) Russia is involved”? That’s got to be that old story about the passport holdup on the Senators Luger/Obama trip to Russia.

    Is this part of Zullo’s exit strategy? Throw the kitchen sink of birther rumors into the pot and get Congress to reject the whole thing. He cannot possibly believe that anyone in Congress (with a few exceptions) is stupid enough to believe this stuff.

    Once they hand him his hat, he can blame them for not doing anything, write his e-book and go on a lecture circuit of Tea Party groups.

  5. BTW the he’s not a Sheriff he’s a police chief although I gather he’s going to run for Sheriff this year. I don’t give much for his chances – his previous electoral efforts seem to have just earned just one vote as a write-in for School Board

  6. It’s obvious Zullo has found a little racket he wants to keep going as long as possible. The line about having to go through Congress is simply a means to avoid accountability with the rubes since Congress would never show interest in something this asinine.

  7. Oh, yes that was a funny and embarrassing story… Was there not a cop on tv by the name of Gomer…

  8. Just a thought. The MCSO CCP members are volunteers. They are not police officers or law enforcement officers and consequently they cannot carry firearms under the recent federal law which allows qualified law enforcement officers to carry firearms nationwide. Zullo, his associates, “Sheriff” Mack do not qualify to carry under the federal law as they are not police officers. Chief Kessler must have terrified them as they could not attend the march without exposing that they are not law enforcement officers.

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