AL – McInnish v Chapman – Another Amicus

Poor Supreme Court… All these funny briefs…
SCOAL 2013-06-xx – McInnish|Goode v Chapman – Moore Amicus Brief

6 thoughts on “AL – McInnish v Chapman – Another Amicus

  1. “hillarious” is an understatement – i have come to the conclusion that these applications could be great fodder for extra-curricula, high school classes for aspiring law students – perhaps awards could be given and students could use their “memos of law” as part of the record that goes to college – should we exhume the bodies of obama’s parents? under what authority without obama’s permission? maybe obama still has his parents’ hair and/or toothbrushes

  2. I was waiting for him to claim that Obama’s DNA test might test as Reptilian.

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