Educating Orly – Fraudulent SSN

Orly, still convinced that the social security number used by our President was not his but rather belonged to a 120 year old named Harrison Bounel is informed why she is wrong, but apparently she fails to recognize the relevance:

On March 26, 2013 I traveled to Stamford Connecticut where the number in question was issued and met with employees of the Social Security Administration: Representative Madeline Mercado, Assistant Manager Mrs. Sheridan (she refused to give her first name) and General Manager Mrs. Booker (she refused to give her first name). I demanded an explanation, why SSA is refusing to release the SS-5 for an extremely aged individual over 120 years old. I was told that this is a protected number and local office has no access to the information. I was shown a computer screen that stated that in case of any inquiries in regards to this number, employees of the SSA are supposed to call a specific number at the SSA Headquaters. (it was a 410- MD number). So, there is clearly a gate keeper at this number. This gatekeeper happens to be one Dawn Wiggins, as all the correspondence and FOIA requests in regards to the Social Security number REDACTED, which are sent from different parts of the country by different individuals and investigators seeking information on Harrison Bounel and Barack Obama, are always being handled by one SSA employee, Dawn Wiggins, while FOIA requests in regards to other Social Security numbers are handled by different employees.

In other words, the reason why e-verify now fails is because too many people have tried to verify President Obama’s Social Security Number and the Social Security Administration has placed a tag on the number. When Susan Daniels accessed the President’s social security number using e-verify she received what the WND inappropriately described as a notice of mismatch. The ‘SSN does not match’ was not tagged but the SSA record does not verify, other reason. The SSA found a discrepancy in the record. While Daniels jumps to the conclusion that since several of the indicators that could trigger this response involve fraud, that therefor it must be fraud. She overlooks the fact that there are several indicators which may point to a more likely explanation:

  • SSN Assignment Based on Harassment/Abuse/Life Endangerment
  • Fraud – OIG Investigated
  • Fraud SSN Misuse