VT – Paige v Vermont – VT Supreme Court hearing

The Burlington Free Press reports on the hearing:

Paige first distances himself from the ‘traditional’ birthers:

“Don’t pay any attention to them,” he told the justices. “The birther argument is just a sheer flight of fancy.”

But then faces a problematic situation, namely the lack of proper service:

Obama, who was named in Paige’s original lawsuit, was not represented at Tuesday’s hearing. Paige said he was unable to get anyone to successfully serve Obama with his lawsuit, a predicament Justice John Dooley said concerned him.

“How can the court issue an order when he is not a party to the case,” Dooley asked. Paige said Obama “chose not to be present” and that copies of all of the filings in the case had been sent by registered mail to the White House.

And of course there is lack of standing:

Assistant Attorney General Todd Daloz, representing Secretary of State James Condos, told the justices that Paige did not have standing to bring the lawsuit.

“It’s not exactly clear what the injury is,” Daloz said.

Mario Apuzzo is hopeful that for once, the courts will take his ‘Vattel’ arguments seriously. Good luck…