Mara Zebest – Missing the point?

Mara Zebest has a posting at the American Thinker (sic) in which she discusses the primary results in the 2008 elections in Indiana.

We can be thankful for Mara sharing with us her dislike for the democratic party and President Obama, which may help understand better her, in my personal opinion, somewhat poor analysis of the long form birth certificate PDF.

So let’s point out the following and also address some of the confusion at ORYR, where people believe that this somehow directly affects or involved the President

1. Hillary won the Indiana primary

2. One does not need to be listed on the Indiana primary to still win the nomination

3. These were actions by local election and party officials

In other words, much ado about nothing. But then again, so was her analysis about the long form birth certificate. It must be hard for some to accept that our Nation elected President Obama for two consecutive terms…