CA – Grinols v Obama – Orly not taking it too well

She has interpreted Judge England’s dismissal as an opportunity to file (once again) criminal complaints across our Nation, undeterred by her continued inabilities to submit admissible evidence, or a coherent argument.

Judge Morrison England: proper avenue is a criminal complaint. I am preparing a criminal complaint against Obama and his accomplices. It will be forwarded with some 200 pages of sworn affidavits and E-Verify and SSNVS reports of a stolen SSN by Obama to DAs. AGs and US attorneys around the country with a demand to convene grand juries. Video interview and full report to follow. I drove for 8 hours from Sacramento, will need to rest and will provide a full report later today I would appreciate donations to print copies of the book of exhibits and for the certified mail

She also is accusing those who may have been her few remaining ‘friends’ by calling them traitors and lacking in integrity

Tell Glenn Beck and Pamela Geller: if they are talking about censorship and lack of integrity, they need to look in the mirror. Demand that they start by reporting on Obama’s use of forged and stolen IDs. The most dangerous “sleeper” in the country is Obama. Corrupt governmental officials, members of Congress and media including Beck, Geller, Pollack, rest of the Breitbart team are committing treason by being criminally complicit in the cover up. They are equally accountable. If you want to solve the problem, go to the root of the problem. Fish stinks from the head

She also has ordered a transcript, which should be the source of lots of additional amusement.

I ordered the transcript of yesterday’s hearing before Judge England. I will post it. Be ready to blood boiling in veins, when you read it