CA – Grinols v Electoral College – Dismissed

The judge dismissed the case for obvious reasons and did not even address Orly’s ex parte filings, which will now be ruled to be moot and irrelevant. What people may not realize is that the private letters of some ex-Generals have no relevance to the Court’s decisions in this matter.

People at the Fogbow have reported in some detail on the court hearing which did not bring any fireworks. It may be that Orly has resigned herself to being on the losing side, time after time after time 😉

The judge then summarize the case thus far: The TRO has been denied. Plaintiffs on Feb. 11 filed a first amended complaint that alleged Obama was not a natural-born citizen; was using a forged birth certificate and selective service application; had stolen a social security number; and the California voters were denied a lawful election due to voter-roll irregularities. The defendants in turn moved to dismiss: the state argued mootness, nonjusticiability, and no 14th Amendment violation; the federal defendants argued mootness, standing, political question, and failure to state a case (12(b)(6)).

And ruled

Arguments concluded. England reads decision, saying written opinion is controlling.

1). Sorry, honey, it is moot. Orly heavy sigh loud, he glares at her again.

2) electoral college -he schools her on how to challenge the eligibility of a candidate with the SOS office. You never did that.

3) you have no admissible evidence of any of your claims.

The usual failings on Orly’s part to correctly and timely file her cases and to provide admissible evidence… Will she ever learn? I personally doubt that she will

Justice was served although some sanctions would have been nice…