CA – Grinols v. Electoral College (E.D. Cal.)

Orly is back in court today, where she has been asked to present arguments relevant to five limited issues

“Oral argument will be limited to: (1) mootness, (2) standing, (3) political question doctrine, (4) the Speech and Debate Clause, and/or (5) service of process on defendants.”

Yet she filed another ex-parte motion, against the Court’s orders, and encouraged various ex-parte ‘generals’ to submit some kind of letter.

We can hope that justice will be served today.

Be prepared for a lot of ‘screeching’…

Update: 2:20PM EDT The hearing should soon be over soon. The Fogbow are standing by to report.

Update: 2:30PM EDT Dismissed, no sanctions (well one could hope that a judge would finally put an end to Orly’s follies but dismissed is exactly as expected)