IN – Guthrie v US – Guthrie Reply to OSC

The judge ordered Guthrie to explain why he should allow him to file a lawsuit which had already been dismissed in a prior action. Guthrie submits 148 pages of hilarious fiction but in the end, will fail to impress the Judge who will dismiss with prejudice.

A hilarious quote

Is it that only layman Guthrie can comprehend and discover that a female must seek permission from a male and submit to his political and physical authority and let him do his thing to make her pregnant in order to create a natural born Citizen, thus making the male the source of political authority and physically responsible for the creation of a natural born Citizen of the United States or a natural born citizen of some country that the father is a native of?

Paul also has some fantasies as to how he has check-mated everyone with his filings… A the imaginations of a pro se are so cute. Paul recently has made a quick rise to the top of the list of most hilarious filings related to President Obama’s birth. I am not so sure if the Judge will have the same sense of humor though.

But he has still failed to show any foundation for standing…