Orly failing to do proper research?

Orly quotes a posting by Lori Handrahan who claims that child pornography is running rampant amongst US military and government.

Can Orly ever do proper research?… Read one of the many court reports

13. Days after the Court sent out Notices of Hearing on the several Motions to Modify,  Defendant forced her child to repeat false statements about Malenko sexually abusing her.

14. Defendant even forced her two year old child to make these false, rehearsed statements  while Defendant recorded them on a video recorder.

15. Defendant persuaded her friend and advocate to listen to the false, coached statements, and  then to contact the Department of Health and Human Services (“DHHS”) and claim that the  child had made a disclosure of sexual abuse.

16. Defendant also persuaded her friend and advocate to make completely unsubstantiated  claims that Malenko had child pornography on his computers.

17. As a result of these claims, DHHS launched an investigation.

18. As a result of these claims, Malenko’s rights to as a parent of M.M. were substantially  infringed upon.

19. Defendant continued to coach and force her then two year old child to make false statements  to others including Spurwink Child Abuse Program (“Spurwink”) investigators regarding  Malenko.

So I did a search on Lori

Remember Lori Handrahan?  She’s the dangerous mother who managed for about two years to convince a family court in Maine that she really wasn’t crazy and her husband, Igor Malenko, was abusing their then four-year-old daughter.  Handrahan’s problem though is that she’s just too nutty to hold it together for long.  Her claims that Malenko had touched his daughter inappropriately soon morphed into claims of persistent sexual abuse.  Those turned quickly into allegations of child rape, serial child rape and, in due course, into trafficking the little girl for sex.  Oh, and while he was doing all this, he somehow managed to get the girl hooked on methamphetamine.  The only problem with Handrahan’s increasingly unhinged stories was that there was no evidence for any of them.  Some 21 times she took the little girl to doctors demanding invasive examinations only to be told “Nope, you’re daughter is fine.”

Handrahan’s frustration at being found time and again to be a liar only led her to redouble her efforts.  Soon her imaginary world of child rapists and their conspirators expanded to include Malenko’s attorney against whom she brought a litany of ethics charges before the state authority that regulates the legal profession.  She struck out there too.  The State Bar gave Attorney Michael Waxman a clean bill of health and sent Handrahan on her increasingly frustrated way.

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Orly is soooo gullible