Merry Chrismas

After a computer crash, and the realization the WordPress search and its editing tools are not very useful to find postings to which Ms Rondeau would object, I have decided to take a more aggressive action:

I have removed all the postings except for the last 200 or so, giving me an opportunity to review them later. As I announced, I am leaving for a long vacation and I could not possibly live up to the promises that I made to Ms Rondeau in response to her claims of plagiarism.

Yes, I know, few may agree with Ms Rondeau’s position and some of you have already expressed your position. But as I have stated if people object to a posting of mine, I will make the best attempt to resolve these matters. In the past I have self censored this blog and removed any and all references to Ms Hebert and Mr Huff as I see both as victims of circumstances and it did not do them any service to have the documents I had collected, online.

Although I observed, when going through my 4000+ postings I observed that (some of) the postings involving both Hebert and Huff where still visible. I can only see one possible explanation: Rather than bulk deleting the trash/draft, I must have bulk restored them. At least, that seems a likely explanation to me. Annoying.

Since the lawsuits are coming to an end anyway, and given that I see no reason to believe that the Electoral College or Congress will throw any curve balls, and given my vacation, this site would lose most of its relevance anyway. If you are looking for any older cases, then I suggest you search Jack Ryan’s or Noul Chan’s scribd pages. Most if not all of the documents I was citing are available there through the hard work of people like Realist and others I may forget to give due credit.